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Rates & Rules

Day Camp Attendance Rates

Pricing for day camp attendance is below.
A mandatory 4-Day Attendance Training is required for first-time campers.

2 times a week


3 times a week


4-Day Attendance Training


Additional Fees & Services



Seat Belt


Attendance Requirements

In order to ensure each camper’s safety, all campers must be spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots/titers, and very social with all breeds.

All size breeds and ages (4 months and up) are welcome as long as they enjoy the company of all size and breed of dogs.

After evaluating each potential camper on a weekend appointment with their humans, we sign them up for an initial mandatory four-day attendance. These first four days are designed to train campers to follow all camp rules.

Once that training is done, they are welcome to attend camp any day Tuesday through Friday — there is no further mandatory attendance!

Our service is strictly daily; we do not offer any boarding at this time.

Call us at (305) 858-1101 to see if we are able to pick your four-legged camper up for a howling good time!

Our mission is to provide an innovative and fun service to social canines that will enhance their physical condition and emotional stability.